Inventory and Asset Management Products

Verticon Inventory and Asset Mangement products are information management tools and network service solutions for Inventory and Asset tracking professionals. Verticon inventory and asset management solutions are provided as:

  • Platform independent desktop and laptop based project management workbenches for asset modeling and business intelligence;

  • Machine to Machine (M2M) infrastructure for integrating data, RFID readers, sensors, systems and machines to create a premises based Internet of Things (Iot);

  • Inventory and asset focused business search and analytics infrastructure for premises or cloud;

  • HTML5 based Progressive Web Applications(PWA) for inventory and enrollment of assets;

  • Business to Business (B2B) network service for communicating market inventory, transactions and events between business associates;

Agriculture Products

Verticon provides custom computer programming and computer systems design as well as providing applications, tools, services and 'Business Eco-systems'[1] to Agriculture markets that transform livestock commodities into high value food products.

Tracker products offer solutions for Livestock ...

  • Producers;

  • Infrastructure Providers;

  • Government Regulators;

  • Tracker Workbench is a project management workbench and business intelligence toolkit for premises and livestock Data Acquisition, Analysis, Reporting and Integration;

  • iRouter is a configurable network event processor and M2M infrastructure for the integration of sensors and actuators and the building of Premises based Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Tracker Cloud is a B2B network collaboration service for notification, archival, retrieval and query of premises, livestock, and certificate of veterinarian inspections;

  • Tracker Lite is an easy to use smart phone application for acquisition and retrieval of Livestock premises and animal information;