Information Networking Through State of the Art Technology Integration

Verticon, Inc. is an information technology research, product development, and consulting services company. Verticon specializes in business intelligence (BI) analysis, modeling and reporting solutions; the creation of multi-platform open source software applications; the design and implementation of inter-organizational document repositories and exchanges and the Machine to Machine (M2M/IOT) integration of sensors, actuators, controllers and computers.

Verticon strives to not only provide a solution to your information management requirements, but will craft a solution that is based on industry standard best practices, does not lock you into a proprietary platform and one that will leave the door open for future growth.

Verticon is a Verified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) enthusiastic about teaming with partners on Federal and State projects. Verified Veteran Owned Small Business

  • DUNS: 079214449
  • NAICS Codes:
    • 541511 Custom Computer Programming
    • 541512 Computer Systems Design

Business Intelligence Solutions

  • Requirements Modeling
  • Information Tooling
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Database Design

Multi-Platform Application Solutions

  • Rich Clients
  • HTML5 Clients
  • Embedded Appliances
  • Model Repositories
  • Search Engines
  • Modular Server Infrastructures

Device and Network Integration

  • Sensor and Control Networks
  • Wireless and RFID Tags and Readers
  • Messaging Buses
  • Data Streaming Content Event Processors

Recent Project Solutions

  • Inventory and Parts Tracking
  • Distributed IoT Sensor Networking
  • Health Care Treatment Documentation
  • Laboratory Instrument Control
  • Food Service Product Labeling
  • Agriculture Information Management

Inventory and Parts Tracking Solution

Verticon's Identity Manager (IM) is a desktop based toolkit for Inventory Operators and Analysts that addresses the core use cases of the inventory management problem domain - Documenting modeled inventory identities and the history of their movement between locations.

The Verticon IM is a Java multi-platform multi-user application and RCP that consists of a customized Eclipse Platform and a suite of purpose built components for inventory modeling, identity and analysis.

What, when, and where is/was that item?

IM core functionality is the identification, documentation and analysis of physical inventories of items, packages, enclosures and locations that are specified with clear and agreed upon modeled datatypes; instance names and attributes; as they move within location and temporal contexts.

Multiple identity technologies are supported:

  • RFID Hand Held Readers
  • RFID Stationary Readers
  • Bar Code
  • Manual Input

Documented inventory information is stored (persisted) as one or more inventory documents (files) on the client PC and/or saved to one or more shared model repositories (databases). All inventory documents saved to databases are indexed to Elasticsearch, a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine.

Agriculture Product Solutions

Verticon’s Tracker is a full-spectrum solution of business intelligence products and services that offers a more efficient way for animal husbandry, livestock producers, infrastructure providers and market regulators to manage, integrate and network multi-species animal life data, animal movements, animal event history, Electronic Certificate of Veterinarian Inspections (eCVI), and premises information.


Tracker Workbench is a desktop solution that provides project management tools, editors and business intelligence utilities for documenting, managing, analyzing and reporting livestock and premises information.


Tracker iRouter reduces complexity by “integrating” sensors, actuators, and RFID readers creating a non-intrusive, easily deployed, adaptive solution for building the Agri-premises based Internet of Things (IoT) .


Tracker Cloud offers dynamic B2B bidirectional exchange of product value information enabling the creation of Agri-Business Ecosystems which lead to increased market sales, higher product margins, better traceability and inventory control, and improved product quality.

Tracker as Open source free software built on the Open System standards Eclipse and OSGi allows thousands of off the shelf solutions to be added and customization to be easily achieved by adding new industry standard components. Tracker runs on multiple platforms and operating systems, including desktops, laptops, appliances and servers.

Serving government agencies, resellers, animal producers, infrastructure providers, managers, processors, and certification agencies, Tracker also offers a low cost entry to small farmers to document best practices to certify product value.

Tracker is an Eclipse based Business Intelligence Toolkit and suite of product solutions for animal agriculture professionals. Learn More

Key Benefits

Tracker provides the tools needed by Professional Livestock Producers, Processors, and Process Auditors who wish to:

Document Livestock Herds and Premises

Tracker provides the easiest way to document all the Livestock herds within a Premises. By turning manual and/or electronic input of Livestock event data into small, portable documents based on an Open Industry standards based format.

Manage Online and Offline Data

Tracker provides utilities for on-line operations and off-line (back room) data navigation, movement, and transformation of Livestock Event and related data.

Easily access information

Tracker Lite is an easy to use smartphone application that gives users access to networked premises information and allows them to acquire new animal information.

Manage Physical Sensors and Actuators

Tracker iRouter appliance iRouter is a generic data integration framework to acquire, transform and exchange data between network connected sensors and actuators.

Analyze Trends

Tracker data models are based on EMF the industry standard Eclipse Modeling Framework , OSGi the Open Systems Gateway Initiative plug-in component extension framework, to allow for easy interfacing with existing Eclipse Analytical Features, as well as custom, and third party business analysis tools.

Create Reports

Tracker Reporting utilizes the BIRT open source reporting system for the design and display of compelling Livestock Information Reports.

Collaborate with Associates

Tracker creates small portable documents based on an Open XML standards based format. The size and format of these documents make them perfect for sharing via email, removable media, and web based data inter-exchanges.

Register, Archive and Trace Locations

Tracker cloud services offers a highly scalable, reliable way to register premises information, archive animal life data and event history and do animal traceback and traceforward queries.